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Members Of Staff: C-Suite Team
Welcome to the Caribbean House Records's C-Suite, or C-Level team, a widely-used slang term used to collectively refer to a corporation's most important senior executives. The C-Suite gets its name from the titles of top senior executives which tend to start with the letter C, for chief, as in chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief operating officer (COO), and chief information officer (CIO).
The C-suite is considered the most important and influential group of individuals at a company. The suite is usually the top of the echelon at a lot of companies: the highest career point which cannot be reached without leadership skills. One who gets to the C-level may realize that the functional know-how and technical skills that were garnered from the bottom of the career rung, and that qualified that person for a position in the C-suite may not be needed once they get to the top. At the C-level, leadership skills and business expertise are what counts above all other skill sets.

Feel free to contact our C-suite team for any special deals in a new or your current  record deals. If you are having any hard time contacting us, we may be very busy and you may want to contact our service team and any important issues will be redirected to us by our "Sales or Support service team" ("Members of Staff") if not resolve in the shortest delay possible. 




Steevens Paullas is the founder of Caribbean House Records and the developer of the Caribbean House Records's website and other platforms in connection with PFPWebHost. It's been three years from today, the idea in building a family empire is the dream of Steevens who had enough of working for other in low paid jobs and seeing the struggle of family, friends and his people of the Caribbean Islands.

"Our goals is to unite the Caribbean people usingmusic, useful information, cultural back grounds, our-stories within a specialize platform for the Caribbean by the Caribbean people. This platform is to help the Caribbean people to broadcast, share and gain the knowledge we should know in who we are and what we should do together to over come challenges and the needs of our people from around the flat earth..

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Lee Marvin Paullas


Lee Marvin Paullas has always encourage Steevens Paullas to do what is needed with the best advises possible for everyone to move forward in each businesses. Lee Marvin has over 10 yrs of leadership in different domains and he is the president of Caribbean House Records. From the creation of the business till today Lee Marvin is moving the business towards the direction of success with a strong service team meeting every challenges. Very well educated, a great love and faith in the heavenly father, Lee Marvin is ideally the one  to spiritually keep the business in the right direction.

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Marina Paullas (Executive Vice President)

Excutive Vice President:

Marina Paullas, she loves music, singing and dancing. She's been with the Caribbean House Records's team since the begining of the idea of developing such enterprise. Marina is the "Executive Vice President", she rules out all future achievements of the company through out the whole team. Marina who has the taste for good music with a rich cultural background from both the Americas and Europe, and freshly out of school with the mastering of literature in languages (English/French), philosophy and ... Marina is one of the best leaders the company can use to launch our operation forward towards it's finial goals in success.



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Samantha Paullas

Chief Operating Officer:

Samantha Paullas is young, very up moving, strong and she is not scared to tell anyone where issues needs changes or improvement and also has the guts of a leadership. Samantha Paullas is the Chief Operating Officer of Caribbean House Records and has always from the beginning have shown patients and the driving urge for success in everything she does. Well educated with a lot of ambitions, Samantha is taking the business to a next level of achievements.

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Cleff Clemont

Chief Visionary Officer:

Cleff Clemont has strongly stood in value of Caribbean House Records from the idea to the foundations of the company. Cleff has long experience  in the entertainment business working with new and current artist of the Caribbean Islands. Cleff Clemont is the Chief Visionary Officer of Caribbean House Records, artist may contact Cleff about new and current record deals, website services and all other information in regards of CHR label services or contact our service team for all other questions.

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Marina Paullas (Chief Machin Coiffeuse)

Chief Machin Coiffeuse:

Melanie Paullas is from her own company DandG Like Us, a fashion base network of team of hairstylist, make up artist, models and more. Both DandG Like Us  & Caribbean House Records was developed together under the umbrella of PFPWebHost. Melanie is hired and is an associate of the Caribbean House Records as Chief Machin Coiffeuse, specialize in special events such as marriages, clubbing, concerts, films, television and other special events, Melanie and her qualified team takes care of the Caribbean House Records's artists through out each events in both America and Europe with her own team of experts doing what they do best, 



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