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Nelson Freitas is a Cape Verdean singer, producer and recorder. He records with GhettoZouk Music, which also signed artists Chelsy Shantel and William Araujo.

Birth name Nelson Zé Ferreira
Occupation(s) Singer, actor, producer, recorder (Watch Videos)

He was born to Cape Verdean parents.

His music features Cape Verdean zouk (a style combined with kizomba) and R&B. His first record was with a boy's band called "Quatro Plus" (IV), a zouk/R&B band which was formed with Nilton Ramalho, Nelson Oliveira and Adilson Ben David.


The group released their first tracks on the album MOBASS presents..., "Hoje em Dia" ("Nowadays"), plus three albums 4-Voz (Four Voices) in 1998 including the single "Si bo cre", then as Quatro+ with Edson Freitas, his brother included. Bem Consché in 2002 (with additional singles that became hits including "Kazanga") and ("Última Viagem") ("Last Journey") in 2004.


Nelson released his first solo album, titled Magic, in October 2006, with songs in English and Cape Verdean Creole (some featuring Vanessa da Mata and Ben Harper). It was the greatest success of the year in the kizomba genre of music. His second album, My Life, was released in 2010 and includes "Rebound Chick" and appearances by William Araujo, Mc Knowledje, Sanches Laisa and Anselmo Ralph. His third album was Elevate in 2013. Some tracks features C4 Pedro on "Bo Tem Mei", a Creole song; Djodje on "Bem Pa Mi" in another Creole song; Anselmo Ralph on "Drinks on Me" and Eddy Parker and Crucial in "All Upon You". The sixth track, "Simple Girl", featured a music video that was awarded Best Video at the 2013 Cabo Verde Music Awards.


His most recent release was Four, in 2016. Its tracks feature Portuguese singer Richie Campbell on "Break of Dawn"; another Cape Verdean singer, Mayra Andrade, on "Nha Baby"; Loony Johnson on "That's Why I Love You" and Mikkel Soinado on "In My Feelings", "Miúda Linda", its final track, is a remix.

Freitas is currently signed to the label named Believe.

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