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Is your "Music Career" at a standstill?

Is the Business part of the Music Business starting to interfere with the Music part?

Need help & guidance?

Well, we can help you start the year out properly!

If you have been doing the same things months after months and years after years with no noticeable positive results, perhaps it is time to move towards another direction.

It was not so long ago, the old "Music Business" required you to make demo tapes and connections until you could find a label that was willing to sign you up and invest at least a million in having just the first set running for studio recording, mass productions, radio promotion, records and so on.

Many artist failed as even then you had to be very  confident of yourself and  have a strong willing to succeed for you to overcome challenges just to end up in the 10% of signed Artists that actually made money. Today's Music Business model is very different due to the combination of modern technology.

Caribbean House Records uses two methods to promote our artists using both online and offline but most artists today will start off using online tools before going big. The costs to make a record are a lot much less expensive, there are no distribution issues because there is always room for one more CD on a server, and most social media is free but does not actually offer the services to support or to do the work on your behalf and this may be complicated for someone short on time and little knowledge of the power of the world wide web (www).

As an Artist, you now hold all the power to write music that you love, record it the way you want and let us take care of both your online and offline audience, Caribbean House Records has the power to broadcast and sell your music.

Register for your account and you can immediately start publishing your content and send us links to your Music, Social Media, Electronic Press Kit, etc. and we'll get in touch with you for the setting up of our services.

Caribbean House Records is taking unsolicited applications for new clients.

We are always seeking for new Artists, feel free to contact us for more information.



Sales & Support Team,

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